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Project Manager (Lux Interiors)| Manhattan, NY | Up to $190,000

13 May 2024

New York State, USA

The Client:

Founded over 30 years ago, our client is a General Construction and Construction Management firm based in New York City.  Our client work on a wide spectrum of projects, making them confidently able to fulfil their clients’ ambitions and create long lasting relationships.

The Projects:

Their highly experienced team members work on projects such as high-end luxury interiors, commercial, institutional, healthcare, residential, hospitality, retail, and ground up.

The Role:

The suitable candidate will be well versed in working on high end luxury projects. As they continue to expand their team,our client are specifically looking for the suitable Project Manager, who will have a range of experience within the industry and will be required to be proficient in cooperating with project contributors and other necessary members of the team.

What’s in it for you?

Our client is offering a salary of up to $190,000 + Benefits. By reinforcing a shared objective, our client leads entire project teams to ensure everyone’s mutual trust and cooperation as professionals, consultants, and tradesmen. By joining forces, they competently deliver the job and protect their clients’ interests, as well as upkeeping a harmonious environment to work in.

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